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Pet Nutrition

The Hype Over High Protein Pet Food. Are They Really Necessary?

Protein is essential in the diets of dogs and cats, but more protein is not necessarily better. When it comes to eating high protein foods, some animals benefit, some animals do not benefit, and some animals are actually harmed by being fed higher protein diets.


The Hype Over Grain-Free Pet Food. Are Grain-Free Pet Foods Really Better?

A grain-free trend in pet food emerged as scientists began studying the diets of dogs and cats in the wild and the diets of their ancestors, and found that their bodies have a limited ability to extract nutrients from non-meat sources...


Why Brushtail (Opossum)?

Harvested from the wild, New Zealand Brushtail (Trichosurus vulpecula) is free from antibiotics and artificial hormones unlike other industrially farmed animals. Brushtail meat is also high in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids making it a good anti-inflammatory protein. By feeding your pet Brushtail, you are not only helping to conserve New Zealand’s plant and animal life but are also providing your pet with a nutritionally superior meal that promotes wellness and vitality.


Omega 3 & 6: Demystifying Good Fat and Their Benefits For Your Pet

Hard to believe, as it may seem, some fats ARE good and in fact necessary for your pets’ health. But what are they, and why is so much fuss being made over their benefits?


The Hard Truth Behind Commercial Pet Food

The wide variety of commercial pet food available now has left pet owners spoilt for choice. Being attractively-packaged and affordably-priced, they often lure unsuspecting pet owners into believing that their pets’ nutritional needs are met without understanding more about the actual ingredients that make up the food.


Would You Ever Feed Your Child 1 Type of Food for Life?

Say ‘YES’ to Variety Feeding
A New Way of Eating to Promote Healthy Balanced Nutrition for Your Pets

About NZ Natural Pet Food

Wayne a loving pet owner formed NZ Natural Pet Food, after becoming aware of the potential dangers of imported products containing pet render. Pet render often contains ingredients such as plastics and metals, as well as diseased animal carcasses.  It is harmful for your pets and most people don’t realise what they are feeding their pets.

Here at NZ Natural Pet Food, we have taken the guesswork out of your pets’ dietary requirements, to provide only healthy products that are made right here in New Zealand, in facilities that undergo regular inspections from M.A.F.



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