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What is Variety Feeding?

At Addiction, we encourage pet owners to introduce a variety of different types of food regularly while feeding their pets. This would mean feeding a good balance of commercial foods and fresh foods. Pet owners can also introduce different protein sources into your pet’s diet in a gradual manner as with all new foods. Variety feeding is to help ensure that your pet consumes a good range of proteins, vitamins and minerals to attain a balanced diet for optimal health as no one food is able to provide all the nutrients your pet needs. Thus, variety feeding is suitable and recommended for all dogs and cats of all life stages.     

What are the Benefits of Variety Feeding?

Besides providing a more balanced diet, feeding a variety of commercial and fresh foods has also been proven successful in combating allergies your pet may have. While there are rare cases of allergies occurring immediately, most common allergies occur when a pet is fed on one kind of food continuously, and eventually develops hypersensitivity to a specific protein source. Varying the diet prevents overexposure to any particular food and reduces the risk of allergies. By doing this, you may also have fewer problems if you need to change your pet’s diet at some point of time.

How often should I introduce variety?

You can start feeding your pet a variety of chicken, lamb or fish-based diets between meals, weekly or once every 2-3 months, depending on each individual animal. For example, if you are currently feeding Addiction’s Salmon Bleu, you may introduce or mix fresh salmon or other fishes like tuna or mackerel. Also, you can introduce a variety of nutritional treats to pamper or train your pet. Do remember however, that new foods should be gradually introduced to prevent stomach upsets and loose stools. And of course, consult your vet before you decide to embark on variety feeding for your pet.         

What foods to use in Variety Feeding?

It is generally a good idea to introduce a variety of 3 or more kinds of protein and food sources, such as lamb,and fish and various common proteins like chicken, beef or lamb, introduce novel proteins such as brushtail, kangaroo, venison, or salmon to make sure regular protein intake is still maintained.

About Addiction

Addiction Foods Limited commenced in 2002 when the founder - a leading holistic veterinary surgeon and clinical nutritionist with over 20 years experience - began to notice that most everyday pet foods were under nourishing our pets and in many cases causing them harm. By creating only natural and wholesome foods with no compromise on quality, Addiction is as close as what nature intended for your pets to eat.  This holistic hypo-allergenic range of New Zealand food reduces the risk of allergies, eczema and itchiness in your pets. More information is available from the USA site  



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