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There are few pet food brands I trust wholeheartedly, especially when it comes to dry food. Since it concerns the health of Peppy (my dog), quality ingredients and a grain-free label are the sole criteria I look out for as she is a non-fussy eater. Addiction remains one of the few brands my dog and I love! Recently, dehydrated raw has become increasingly popular for it is a healthier and tastier option.

The word "raw" makes me feel a little squirmy, but I know for sure that Addiction's Raw Dehydrated Food can be trusted and raw dehydrated is a much healthier option for dogs. As soon as I opened the sample pack, Peppy's nose began moving excitedly and she kept tilting her head upwards, whining for me to hurry as I was still pouring warm water into the food.

She sniffed her bowl curiously, and began digging in right away! Hardly two minutes later, she was licking her bowl so clean that it looked like it didn't need washing. The ingredients also make me feel confident that I am feeding my dog natural meat, vegetables and fruits, and not artificial additives that could cause her body harm. Thank you, Addiction!

I think when it comes down to pet food; there are only 2 things that we should be concerned about.

Firstly, my dog has to enjoy the food. Having known my dog since he was a little puppy, we have developed a certain understanding with each other. This is something most pet owners should be able to relate to.

One thing I can say about Addiction’s Raw Dehydrated Food is that my dog absolutely loves it. He has memorised the packaging and whenever my hand even moves in the direction of the package, he jumps and starts barking optimistically.

Secondly, it has to be healthy. As the owner and the wallet, I have to decide what is best for my dog. The perfect product would be one that is not only healthy but also incredibly appetizing and something my dog would want to eat willingly, something else that pet owners can relate too. Addiction’s Raw Dehydrated Food has fulfilled both of these conditions and I would recommend it to any pet owner who loves their dog.

Addiction's Homestyle Venison & Cranberry Dinner was a great choice when I had to change my puppy Spiffy's diet when she was just a month old as she barely has any teeth and is unable to chew any keebles. Addiction's Raw Dehydrated Food is chunky but yet soft enough for her to eat.

As the months passed, she still shows her love for Addiction's Raw Rehydrated Food by waiting earnestly by me as the food is being prepared. With Addiction's Raw Rehydrated Food you know you are getting the real deal as you can even see the meat and fruits in the food. Addiction is Spiffy and my choice! =)

My Silky terrier just turned 7 this years and she had skin problem and UTI. I gave her tried on Addiction Dehydrated Raw and she was doing well and skin problem had healed, her hair was more silky and eyes brighten. As she turned older, I want to give her the best food, so she can maintain a good health record, we are glad to find Addiction.

Now both my two dogs always look forward to dinner times. Look at their happy faces and you know, thankyou Addiction Pet foods.

I have tried many different prescription dog foods, this is the only one that is actually healthy. I cannot believe how my little Bedlington gobbles this up. He finishes his bowl and then spends about 10 minutes licking the empty space. The product looks like mashed potatoes and has very few ingredients. He just loves it.

I am hoping that it will tell me if he has a food allergy after several months of use. He's already on allergy shots for environmental allergens. But we haven't been able to rule out a food allergy too. Thanks for making an Rx type food that has so few ingredients (but no unhealthy ones) that my dog can't stop licking!!

Our dog Monique is a miniature sausage dog and she has suffered from very bad skin allergies and infections for the first 2 years of her life. We had to visit the vet every couple of months because her skin would be so infected she would need antibiotics and steroids and other medications. These helped a little but once she stopped taking them it would come straight back. We have tried many foods and many different skin lotions but there was no improvement.

Early this year we decided to try your food (we tried the dehydrated venison with cranberries) and after being fed this for 2 months, her skin had improved about 70%. We then saw the possum (brushtail) and within a week of eating this, her skin had cleared up immediately and now her scars are healing and she has never been so happy. Now she doesn't scratch, doesn't need to take any medications or do anything. I just wanted to say that your dog food is awsome!

About Addiction

Addiction Foods Limited commenced in 2002 when the founder - a leading holistic veterinary surgeon and clinical nutritionist with over 20 years experience - began to notice that most everyday pet foods were under nourishing our pets and in many cases causing them harm. By creating only natural and wholesome foods with no compromise on quality, Addiction is as close as what nature intended for your pets to eat.  This holistic hypo-allergenic range of New Zealand food reduces the risk of allergies, eczema and itchiness in your pets. More information is available from the USA site  



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